Our Story

Our Story

My youngest daughter, Britton, was born deaf. But at 10 months of age, she received cochlear implants...surgically implanted medical devices that magnetically connect to an external device located just above the ear. This is what allows Britton to access sound so we call them “her EARS!” Because she’s so little, a green light continuously blinks to signal to us that the implants are working.

As a mother, I worried what people would think of these blinking lights…would she be stigmatized? I imagined what the general lack of awareness about cochlear implants (worn by less than .01% of the world’s population) would mean for my little girl. While grateful for the technology, I longed for Britton’s hair to grow long enough to cover those blinking lights.

And then one day...it happened.

“Where do you get those adorable clips??! My daughter would love them!!”

That woman at the grocery store could never have imagined the magic she inspired.  I instantly realized that Britt could be a trend setter... and that simultaneously we could produce replica clips to raise awareness and support for the technology that has changed our lives.

BrittsClips are now designed in shapes like teddy bears and unicorns.... but the original is also available; a cochlear implant replica so everyone can Blink like Britt!

So join us,  wear a clip and let’s shed some light on hearing loss!